Q-Loca Edible Gold Leaf 80x80 mm 25'S

RM 229.00 RM 250.00

In addition to this dish they are perfect for covering cakes and pastries. For an accurate application of the leaf is suggested to use a palette knife.

  • Certificates for Edible Gold and Silver Leaf
  • Food Grade Edible Gold Leaf, Colouring E175.
  • Loose leaves
  • Standard size: 80mm x 80mm
  • 25 Sheets/Booklet
  • Dimension: 10 × 10 × 1 cm

Certification: The raw material employed is certified as having 999,9/°°° purity. It furthermore holds the food decoration certificate (E175) as per enclosed certification.

Advice for use:
– Always avoid touching product with fingers
– Always use the appropriate pincers for lifting and positioning the product Handle product in a draught-free environment
– Breathe very lightly when close to product to avoid air-lifting it

Conservation: Keep in a cool and dry place between 15C and 25C, preferably with a relative humidity index not over 50%

Shelf-life: To be used preferably within 5 year from packaging date2

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